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Homeschool High School Art Lesson Plans

Homeschool Art Curriculum Covers Required High School Fine Art Credits

COVID-19 Homeschooling - Interactive Art History - Homeschool Art Instruction - Independent Study Art Curriculum

Looking for a way to teach art and history at home during a pandemic? Drawing on History, high school art curriculum, is an interactive, art lesson approach to art history and art appreciation. This unique art curriculum is designed and written for homeschool or independent study high school students.

Drawing on History covers one year of required high school fine arts credits and can be used individually or in a group setting. Drawing on History art curriculum gives the student an overview of many of the major art movements from Romanticism of the 1830s to Psychedelic art of the 1960s with super fun art projects.

This book was written to parallel the Beautiful Feet U.S. and World History curriculum, but can stand alone or be used to enhance any world history curriculum by teaching hands-on art lessons for each time period. While creating art in the style of the masters, students will gain a better understanding of world history and art history as they unfold together.

Includes Detailed Art Lesson Plans

Drawing on History just got easier! Barbara Biggs, homeschool teacher and mother of four, used Drawing on History with her daughter and developed a detailed lesson plan for her and her daughter to follow. Barbara's lesson plan comes from the perspective of a non-artist mom and teacher, who needed a method to measure her student's comprehension of each chapter in Drawing on History. Well done Barbara and thanks for being willing to share this with all the Drawing on History teachers and students!!

This extra resource includes: Art Quizzes, Tests, Mid-term, Final Exam, and Answer Keys, which are FREE in the Resource Center with a purchase of Drawing on History.

Resource Center

Purchase the book and receive the password to the Resource Center. The Resource Center is loaded with valuable lesson support, tips, art, videos, free project downloads, AND Barbara's lesson plans and tests.

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The Old School House

I really liked Drawing on History. Most art curricula just teach art with little or no background on the artist or period in history. This curriculum incorporates so much detail into each lesson giving the student a thorough background into not only the artist but the movement and period in art history. . . .READ MORE»

Jennifer Ladewig - The Old Schoolhouse, 2019